Cheers to my first luau! 

I hate drinking. I guess lately I’ve fallen into the trap of peer pressure so when I get the chance to buy my own drink, I do it. Today, I drank some weird margarita mixture and I felt SOOOOOO crappy afterwards. It’s not for me and it will never be for me. 

The closest thing to a sorority that I’ll join: Cal Hawai’i 2014

The closest thing to a sorority that I’ll join: Cal Hawai’i 2014

My cousin and auntie started posting pictures from their NYC trip. Ugh! The east coast is calling for meeeeeee. It’s pulling these strings in my heart that I once felt when I found out that I got into Berkeley. Adventure is out there and it’s waiting for me to graduate and get my life together!

Every day, you make that choice to be in it.

Different languages talk about the world in different ways. It is crucial to look at different languages. If we restrict our view to just one language - our own - we will never truly understand the distinction between sense and reference, because it is natural to think that “our” way of talking about the world is the only one, or the most natural one. It is only when we study or learn a foreign language, and realize that other people see things differently, that we become aware of how arbitrary the relationship is between words and entities or concepts.

—How Language Works by David Crystal, page 188. (via linguaphilioist)

(via ubungmachtdenmeister)